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Lake Charles Taxes

Vibrant and Affordable: Louisiana’s “Little Big Town”

While the region’s thriving economy is good news for companies doing business in Southwest Louisiana, it’s even better news for those living there.  Lake Charles taxes are some of the nation’s lowest, offering the region an affordable cost of living that creates a comfortable quality of life for residents across Southeast Louisiana.

Industry resources are taking note of the area’s low tax environment — in 2015, the non-partisan tax research group Tax Foundation ranked Louisiana’s total tax burden as fifth lowest in the United States. And homeowners across Southwest Louisiana automatically receive a homestead exemption on their primary residence. Through this state program, the first $75,000 of assessed value is not taxed at the parish or city level. Coupled with no state property tax on primary residences, the state’s homestead exemption makes Louisiana eighth lowest in the country for property taxes.

Lake Charles taxes may fluctuate and typically depend on infrastructure or public service needs they exist to fund. But Louisiana’s statewide sales tax rate of four percent is one of the 13 lowest in the country. And in Southwest Louisiana, local sales taxes are often targeted at funding a variety of projects and programs designed to help maintain a vibrant quality of life in the region.

In 2013, Lake Charles celebrated the completion of the Ryan Street Streetscape project, one of several key capital projects funded by a voter-approved bond issue. Other projects included the addition of more than 150 on-street parking spaces as well as landscaping improvements, wayfinding signs, street furniture and other amenities — all targeted at enhancing the downtown area of Louisiana’s 6th largest city.

In Total 
Tax Burden
Louisiana's total individual tax burden ranks as one of the country's best. 
Homestead Exemption
Louisiana's homestead exemption means less money spent on taxes for your home and more money that stays in your pocket.
Lowest In 
Louisiana is one of the most affordable states in the country to own a home. 
Capital Improvements
Total amount of bonds issued by the City of Lake Charles to fund capital projects across the city, including a number of projects focused on enhancing quality of life and access to the downtown Lake Charles area.