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Nation’s Richest Habitats along the Creole Nature Trail

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Designated by America’s Byways® as “All-American Roads,” the Creole Nature Trail connects Lake Charles and Sulphur with more than 70 miles of roadway along the coast. All-American Roads are selected based on unique, scenic diversity; the distinction is an exclusive on: in the country, only 150 roads are identified by this classification.

Travelling along the coast or by several waterways and lakes, the trail offers drivers a multitude of scenic areas as well as access to hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, cycling or visiting one of several visitor's center exhibits.

With four national wildlife refuges, the trail affords myriad exploration from one end of its road to the other. On the coastline alone, landscapes transition from more than 70 acres of coastline at Rockefeller to 120 acres of land crisscrossed with rivers at the Sabine. From one refuge to another, the geography presents extremely fertile habitats, where freshwater rivers meet the saltwater gulf, as well as some of the most diverse wildlife populations in the country.

For shorter expeditions along the nature trail, drivers need only travel 30 minutes south of Sulphur to visit Sabine’s visitor’s center and boardwalk as well as partake in outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing.