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Paddle through Miles of Waterways in Calcasieu River Basin

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Occupying more than 4,000 square miles, the Calcasieu River Basin extends through both Central and Southwest Louisiana. The Calcasieu River flows through the middle of the basin and includes intertwining waterways and lakes along its sides. The river carries fresh water into the Calcasieu and Sabine Lakes — two major bodies of water within the basin.

Fishers can find a diverse supply of freshwater catches among the basin's waterways, including approximately 75 species of fish, 30 species of mussels and 16 species of crawfish. Kayakers, canoers and other water paddlers can explore hundreds of miles of waterways. Due to maintaining a ship canal and outlying navigation channels, the waterways intertwine in multiple directions, bringing in water from all sides of the basin. These waters also benefit the surrounding habitat; a large area of land is protected by the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge and is considered one of the richest habitats in North America.