Prien Lake Park


Picturesque Views at Prien Lake Park

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Overlooking Indian Bay on the eastern shoreline of Prien Lake, this historic 29-acre park is a haven for Southwest Louisiana locals. Prien Lake Park features a sweeping view of the Prien Lake Bridge and is a popular destination for residents to watch scenic sunrises and sunsets over the water. Full of trees, grass, flower patches, fountains and streams, the landscaping around the park allows for recreation and relaxation for the entire family.

Featuring multi-purpose pavilions and an amphitheater for live performances, entertainment at Prien Lake Park is not difficult to find. Launches for boats and canoes offer families an afternoon on the water. The “sprayground” water park is a popular spot for children to play in the summer. Complete with beaches, this park is a hot spot for residents year-round.

Photo Credit: Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance