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Moss Bluff Middle School

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Moss Bluff Middle School is a 6th-through-8th-grade campus where students learn video and music production, create cartoons in connection with the study of molecules, design and perform original experiments, and promote tolerance campus-wide through stage productions featuring anti-bullying themes.

Moss Bluff engages students with hands-on learning in order to expand their knowledge, challenge their creativity and build on their understanding of fundamental academic subjects. Sixth graders study the physics of roller coasters and learn advanced note-taking strategies, while 7th and 8th graders can choose to explore concepts like mood and plot by creating their own commercials and short films using digital cameras and other technology. Seventh graders study elements of literature and conduct original research projects for topics, such as Black History Month.

Electives at Moss Bluff Middle School include French and music; extracurricular activities, such as art club, glee club and Beta service club, are also available. Moss Bluff students can also take part in band or chorus.

Photo Credit: Moss Bluff Middle School