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Stroll the Boardwalk at Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge

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Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge consists of two separate pieces of land, called units, totaling more than 9,500 acres of land and waterways. Lake Charles area residents find the refuge after a brief, 30-minute drive south of Lake Charles, via the Scenic Byway. The northern unit of the refuge houses parking areas, boat launches and a visitor’s center. The Cove unit, located south along the lake, is only accessible by boat.

The road bisects the northern unit and offers an inviting drive for those utilizing the auto-tour provided by the refuge, or travelers passing through. The visitor’s center includes several exhibits and informative dioramas that explain the marshes. To explore the area, visitors can walk the boardwalk or go hiking along the levees that crisscross the refuge in a grid.

Guests can enjoy short walks, wildlife viewing and photography from the boardwalk surrounding the visitor’s center. Several observation decks are accessible around the center — over the pond at the front of the building and overlooking the grounds at the back of the building. Along the boardwalk, the refuge offers several panels that provide educational information. 

Photo Credit: Brenda LaFleur