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Variety of Learning and Fun at Arts’ Desire

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The staff at Arts’ Desire in Lake Charles encourages children to explore new materials and art techniques for a fun and educational experience. Classes for artists of every age span a range of instructional topics, including:

  • Ceramics
  • Collages
  • Painting, both oils and acrylics
  • Pottery

The local art workshop also hosts birthday parties for young artists, and its staff provides a variety of fun and engaging art activities throughout the celebrations.

One of Arts’ Desire’s most popular programs is the silk scarf workshop. Students begin with a plain, white scarf, which they paint and color with a variety of dyes. Upon completion of the class, students bring their scarves home to add to their own personal wardrobes.

Arts’ Desire also features programs that teach young artists how to use technology in an artistic manner, such as a workshop that teaches students the basics of photography using both cameras and mobile devices. Arts’ Desire teaches students how to capture the best quality images with anything from a smartphone to a professional-grade digital camera. The workshop includes instruction in camera settings and some of the best photography apps available for amateur photographers.

Photo Credit: Arts' Desire